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 A self-taught artist, Emma is based in the beautiful Ottawa Valley, Ontario.

Born and raised in small town Ontario, Emma spent her time after high school focusing on her creative goals while changing paths a few times along the way. She graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto with a dual honours degree in Media Studies and Creative Photography. Upon graduation Emma moved to the west coast and worked as a full time photographer for the Canadian Sport Institute in Victoria.  In 2014, after two years photographing athletes, she decided to start a business. Emma started by photographing weddings and local events, but when a bootcamp friend asked her to design their wedding invitations she discovered her love for painting and graphic design.  Emma taught herself how to use Adobe programs, paint with watercolours, and do calligraphy… the rest is history! 

In 2016, Emma and her husband moved back to Ontario and now live in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. When Emma isn't in the office you can find her adventuring with Spencer, fixing up second-hand furnishings, or trying to get faster on her bike.

Born in Pickering, Ontario, Tristan grew up as the youngest of three sisters. As the youngest, Tristan naturally had a knack for learning new things. She was gifted her first vintage camera in high school and was always encouraged to give something a try before deciding if she liked it or not. This encouragement has followed Tristan throughout the years! From learning the basics of coding, to photographing nature, Tristan is always looking for new ways to expand her skills and have some fun in the process.

After moving to Ottawa in 2011 for school, Tristan decided to stay after graduating from Algonquin College’s Public Relations program. She then began her day-job working at Carleton University in 2016 and now manages the Alumni Mentorship Program.

Tristan has loved working part-time with Emma both virtually and in person. When she is away from the computer, Tristan is usually out exploring the city, planning her next mini-getaway, or checking out the newest local coffee shop.