Semi-Custom Invitations


Crafted with original watercolour paintings and hand-lettering, the following six semi-custom collections are pre-designed suites, ready to be populated with your unique wedding details.

Once you place your order, I’ll be in touch within 1-3 business days to confirm your content and explain next steps.

The process to complete your order (from order placement to product in your hands) typically takes 3-4 weeks, please factor this into your planning process.

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Blush Collection

This playful yet classic design features the ever-popular wedding colour scheme: white, green, and blush. Complete with soft modern calligraphy and bright airy greenery, the Blush Collection is the perfect first impression for your wedding guests.

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Cottonwood Collection

The coziest of wedding designs, this collection will extend warm and fuzzy feels to all your guests. Featuring hand-painted watercolour elements with a modern twist, the Cottonwood's neutral vibe speaks to all colour schemes.

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Juniper Collection

Featuring dusty blues with warm accents, the Juniper Collection is adorned with detailed monograms and floral touches. Perfect for the calm and cool couple looking for a classic design.

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Ivy Collection

My personal favourite wedding colour scheme, white and green, the Ivy collection embraces a love for foliage and timeless aesthetic. Hand-painted watercolour greenery is the focus of this design, leaving room for lots of colour additions through envelopes and accessories.

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Madison Collection

Named after one of the most delightful couples I ever had the opportunity of working with, the Madison collection features hand-painted florals and watercolour washes. Suitable for any colour scheme and perfect for a garden inspired wedding.

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Graceline Collection

With an emphasis on loose, flowy hand-lettering, this handsome white and grey palette will excite your guests upon mail delivery. The Graceline Collection speaks to the modern and fresh, the bright and airy.